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Rear Window Sticker - Item #79
Rear Window Sticker - Item #79

The "Student Driver" rear window sticker is 2 stickers. One is "Student" and the other is "Driver". The deminsions are 3" x 11" each and made of a clear plastic adhesive with white lettering. Highly visable to other drivers from the rear.

This product is designed to stay on and is not removable from one vehicle to another. A great decal for student driver education cars or for parents with a designated learning car.

Adheres to the inside of the window.

 Because of its high visablilty student and instructors will drive with more confidence knowing others are watching out for them.

Best Part is the free shipping! You get both stickers for one low price.

Order 10 or more and recieve a 10% discount at check out!

Price: $9.95
Flowers for You! Avactis Sample Store
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Flowers for You! Avactis Sample Store