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Are We There Yet? Item# 210

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Is driving “safe” a myth?....
Are We There Yet? Seeks to answer this question and more. As a practical tool for drivers and parents who, who possibly cannot afford to purchase lessons and want to feel certain what they teach will keep them, their friend, or teen safe. The exercises in each section are designed to move both new and experienced drivers from defensive, stressful driving, to the more predictive stress-less driving found in low risk awareness and habits.

A Hidden Epidemic rages on…. If you were to ask 10 different people what they thought “safe” driving consists of you would most likely get 10 very different answers. Are We There Yet? Is a direct look at this disparity and how our driving culture in the United States has been using safe and defensive skills as the basis to describe what a safe driver is. The reality is that less than 30% of drivers even follow this while the other 70% continue to take unneeded risks without any real reward and still keep crashing and killing each other to the tune of 1.3+million lives or more, every year, since 2012 throughout the world. With the U.S. making up approximately 4-8% of that number or averaging 200 lost lives daily! It is a direct look at how actual conscious awareness of personal risk comes before any driver can claim to be a safe defensive driver. The death rates, according to the World Health Organization, are already at continuing epidemic levels. This book is a real time, how to action plan, to end this epidemic.

Will Thornton is a Driving instructor with well over 150,000+ hours in classroom and behind the wheel instruction and giving state certified driving tests in Washington and Texas. In the 15 years of teaching driving risk awareness and safety he developed the Low-Risk driving system back 2015-16 and has himself not experienced a single collision since. His teaching philosophy is simple and direct. There is no being safe without consistently first addressing personal risk. The current reality in our nation is that we have placed too much emphasis on being safe and defensive without recognizing what is required of all of us who drive to be safe. Conscious and consistent awareness of drivers recognizing their risk in how we drive from point A to point B. To better recognize the physics of motion of a 2+ ton vehicle and the constant risk we place each other in every day in how we all drive.

Are you safe driver? Been in a collision? Need to get a drivers license? Why do drivers speed? These and many other questions are answered in Are We There Yet? The perfect guide for parents of teens to help them practice.

It is an in depth look at an unseen epidemic that is on going every day in all the lives of drivers here in the U.S. (averaging 200 deaths daily)and in fact throughout the entire world (1.3+ million deaths every year). From how we all drive to an actionable plan to end this epidemic. The book will take you on a “trip” of self discovery that will challenge you as either a new driver or very experienced.

Are We There Yet? is an in depth look at the elephant in the room that has gone unrecognized far too long and predominantly ignored by too many drivers of what is essential to being safe, especially in our present driving culture. That of actual but unrecognized driving risk.

In each section of this book, there is a course of low risk exercises included as a basic plan for improving, not only an experienced drivers skills but also new drivers. Especially teen drivers who are often pegged as being unaware of risk and too willing to take risks.

A bonus section addresses the concerns that new adult drivers and concerned nervous parents may have around learning and teaching how to drive and suggestions for everything from getting lessons to taking the dreaded drive test and beyond.

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