The Driving Zone 2 DVD - Item #98

  • The Driving Zone 2 DVD - Item #98


The Driving Zone 2
Provides parents, new drivers, and teachers with useful knowledge and information to help in the process of new driver education.
The Driving Zone 2 DVD combines Andy Pilgrim’ skills, inventiveness and experience as a professional public speaker and as a professional race car driver with other expert’s knowledge and research data.
The Driving Zone 2 DVD is presented by the Andy Pilgrim Foundation (a 501c3 entity).  The goal of the DVD is to reach as many new drivers as possible with knowledge and information to help them with their driving.
Proceeds from DVD sales will go to the Andy Pilgrim Foundation.  Funds will be used to giveaway thousands of copies of the DVD to high schools;  especially to schools in states that no longer have driver education funding.
Length 1hr 12 min
Part 1 : Introduction-The Word Accident-What is Distracted Driving-Mental Distractions-More on Texting-Combined Distractions-Impaired Driving/Peer Pressure-Parents and Distracted Driving-Using your Senses-Situation Awareness
Part 2 : Reason: To drive Distration Free-3,2,1 GO- Prepare to Drive-Driving Situations-Adverse Weather-Night Driving-External Distractions-Analyze your Trip-Dangerous and Vulnerable-Collision Scenario-Conclusion.
FREE S&H (Contiguous US)

Type Classroom Materials
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