69 Seconds DVD - Item #121

  • 69 Seconds DVD - Item #121


69 Seconds 
This exeptionally created DVD depicts a scenario where two lives colide.
One car is traveling at a high rate of speed on a country road while another is waiting at a stop sign. Car 2 sees the other car coming but miss judges how fast he is approaching. He pulls out in front and then realizes he has made a grave mistake. Here is where the video takes an unusual twist. 
Time stops! Both drivers are in a time zone. Each get out of the car and meet in the middle of the intersection and discuss the mistakes both had made. Car two driver begs him to change the course of history because he has is young son in the back seat. 
Now you'll have to buy the video to see what happens!
A great learning video in just 69 seconds.
$19.95 with FREE S&H (Contiguous US)

Type Classroom Materials
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