Adjustable Floor Plate - Item #370

  • Adjustable Floor Plate - Item #370


Sorry, the Adjustable Floor Plate - Item #370 is not currently available.

Adjustable Floor Plate Item #370

Allows for a simpler and easier installation for the MINI BASE (sold separately) under the driver's side brake.The floor plate is 10 gauge steel, powder coated for a smoother finish and includes 3 locking nuts w/ carriage bolts. Mount the mini base to the "Floor Plate". Then mount the "Floor Plate" to firewall and adjust and tighten the carriage bolts to the desired location. This will allow you some wiggle room to correctly align the mini base under the drivers side brake. 

Your Cost $39.95 + FREE S&H

Includes Adjustable Floor Plate and 3 carriage bolts w/ nuts. 

Type Brake Parts
Tags Brake Parts

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