Anatomy of a Car Crash - Item #171

  • Anatomy of a Car Crash - Item #171
  • Anatomy of a Car Crash - Item #171


Anatomy of a Car Crash with Mike Pehl

Veteran crash investigator & driver training expert Mike Pehl gets down to the nitty-gritty of real world car crash dynamics in THE ANATOMY OF A CAR CRASH.  In a total of 21 separate videos, Pehl explains collisions from both an engineering perspective and the viewpoint of t a driver.

Using footage from a crash text facility, dash-cam videos and compelling stories, Pehl provides practical defensive driving strategies and fascinating insights that students can put into action to protect themselves behind the wheel and on the road.

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Segments: " Total Running Time = 71 Minutes


- Just One Scratch

- How Our Cars are Made to Crash

- T-Bone in the Crosswalk

- Grandma and the Delivery Truck

- How Lucky Can You Get?

- The Boys Who Played Mailbox Golf

- The Number One Accident

- Casey and the Flat Tire

- Animals in the Road

- Rear End Collisions

- Wrong Way on the Ramp

- The Woman with a New Prescription

- Crossover Crash in Winter

- Crash with a Cop

- Blind Lane-Change

- A T-Bone Takes Two

- Scatter On the Freeway

-In the the Bond Spot of a Semi

- Disaster in the Left Lane

- A Text in Tredegar

- The Girl Who Didn't Know What to Do



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