DRIVING SAFELY: Reason on the Road Item #385

  • DRIVING SAFELY: Reason on the Road Item #385


DRIVING SAFELY: "Reason on the Road"

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Viewers witness common driving behaviors like tailgating, not using turn signals, cutting cars off, and other inconsiderate behavior, from inside as well as outside the car. Not only do viewers see how dangerous such behavior can be, but experts give insight into how some incidents can escalate into violence. The SAFE process is explained and demonstrated: scan, anticipate, figure, execute. This is an excellent perspective for all new drivers and a good refresher for experienced ones! A Meridian Production. (15 minutes)

Length: 17 minutes

Copyright date: ©2000

 Closed Captioned

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Everyday Driving Hazards (02:19)


Everyday drivers are faced with hazardous weather conditions, poor roads, bad drivers, and dangerous hills and curves. Today's drivers talk on cells phones, eat, put on make-up, and engage in distracting behaviors while driving.

S.A.F.E. Driving Techniques (03:11)

Good drivers scan (S) the scene ahead of them, anticipate (A) road conditions and what other drivers will do, figure out (F) how to avoid potential problems, and execute (E) safe procedures. Safe drivers know the stopping distance of their cars at all spe

Speed, Safety, and Consideration (03:09)

Of all the factors controlling driving safety, speed is the most important because it affects all other factors. Tailgating is a dangerous practice that puts drivers of both cars at risk. Smart drivers do not respond to other drivers with anger.

Safety at Intersections (02:13)

One quarter of all traffic deaths occur at intersections, usually because drivers fail to choose a clear path through the intersection and are not prepared to slow down or stop.

Road Rage: A Sucker's Game (04:00)

Some drivers take out their anger on other drivers even though anger behind the wheel can be injurious or even fatal. An angry driver can be as dangerous as a drunk driver can. Mature drivers resist the urge to take out anger on other drivers


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