Deadly Driving Distractions - Item #315

  • Deadly Driving Distractions - Item #315


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According to insurance statistics, distracted drivers are responsible for almost 80 percent of all car crashes and 65 percent of near collisions in the United States. In this Telly Award–winning video, celebrity psychology researcher David Strayer, a driving instructor, and other experts underscore the hazards of driving while texting, while talking on a cell or using an MP3 player, while eating, and while drunk—clinically speaking, a cognitive form of driving distraction—as they advise on safe driving techniques. In addition, young adults add extra credibility to the “eyes on the road, hands on the wheel” message by expressing concern about their own distracted driving behaviors. The program concludes with the story of a young man who died behind the wheel because he was texting: “yeah t” were his last words—the unsent message at the time of impact. Poignant; persuasive. Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online. A Coproduction of Meridian Education and MotionMasters. (20 minutes)

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Length: 21 minutes

Copyright date: ©2010

 Closed Captioned

Reviews & Awards

“An excellent choice for a high school assembly or health class to initiate discussions about driving while distracted and how to prevent it.” —School Library Journal

2011 Telly Award
“This film gives food for thought, credible information and a sobering message without scare tactics or melodrama. Deadly Driving Distractions is a positive and informative film about an incredibly important issue and would be an excellent choice for school libraries and a fantastic tool for people who work with teens. Highly recommended.” —Educational Media Reviews Online
“Offers more than just scary numbers, interweaving realistic dramatic vignettes, interviews with adult professionals, and a roundtable discussion with teens to get across its important message…. Recommended.”—Video Librarian
“The DVD is well done and delivers what it promises.”—Library Media Connection

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