Drivers Edge Program - Item #93

  • Drivers Edge Program - Item #93



This new complete curriculum mirrors all the new DSAA’s curriculum standards. It is designed to teach all the essential safe driving strategies, tactics, and rules of the road. There are over 1000 interactive PowerPoint slides and 29 short videos.


The  real life driving situations  conveyed through the slides and short videos ignite thought provoking discussions and teach safe driving unlike any other approach. Students enjoy the learning process. As a teacher you will feel reenergized and excited about teaching the classroom sessions. Also included are materials to enhance the in-car lessons.


In addition to the 26 hours of classroom material, (and 4 optional hours…for programs that need 30 hours) there are student worksheets for each lesson, 3 quizzes, and 3 major tests.   There are also in-car progress reports, reviews, and final in-car testing materials. 


The curriculum includes instructor and student guides, with a variety of suggested sequential approaches. Also available is the course website where students can complete some of their lessons on-line at home, as well as download and complete their worksheets. 


Click here to view sample slides of each lesson:



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