MISSING PERSONS "The Drunk Driving Holocaust" Item #375

  • MISSING PERSONS "The Drunk Driving Holocaust" Item #375


MISSING PERSONS "The Drunk Driving Holocaust"

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This program brings the real-life consequences of mixing alcohol with driving into the classroom. Hard-hitting footage helps young adults realize the consequences of drunk driving, for the victim and the driver. Bereaved parents and friends, permanently disabled victims, and young inmates convicted of vehicular homicide explore the relationship between alcohol, death, and prison. Members of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving), and CAR (Convicts After Recovery) discuss how the thoughtless act of driving drunk impacts people’s lives. A Cambridge Educational Production. (26 minutes)

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Length: 26 minutes

Copyright date: ©1992

 Closed Captioned

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"Highly recommended."—The Book Report

Teen Drinking (02:58)


A teen party involves drinking. The hostess collects car keys beforehand, but she gives them to a teen who drives drunk. Convicts talk about the deaths they caused by driving when they were drunk.

Victims and Families (05:04)

A mother's grief is still raw after nearly two years of losing her family. Teens in wheelchairs speak out against drinking and driving to teen audiences. A teen relates that she killed someone with her car.

Vehicular Homicide (06:07)

A young man in shackles relates a nightmarish story in which his friend is killed. The victim's father relates how all their lives are affected as a result of a bad decision to drink and drive.

Choices, Myths, and Facts (04:42)

Teen drivers discuss the aftermaths of their accidents to provide warnings for others. Myths about alcohol deceive and often mislead teens in their decision-making about driving.

Drunk Driving Realities (05:03)

Blood alcohol content (BAC) increasingly impairs a driver's ability to concentrate and make good driving decisions. Bad decisions about drinking and driving permanently alter people's lives.


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