Outside Window Decal - Item #84

  • Outside Window Decal - Item #84
  • Outside Window Decal - Item #84


The "Outside Window Decal"
Designed specifically to go on the outside of the window. Really makes a big difference with cars having dark tinted windows.
Dimensions are 5"x5"x5" a perfect size to put on a rear window, side window or bumper.
Highly visible yellow, screen printed, onto a white vinyl decal, with removable adhesive backing.
An inexpensive way to notify other drivers that you are with an inexperienced student driver and please use extra caution. 

Pricing Includes FREE S&H:

1 = $8.95ea

2 = $7.95ea

3 - 5 = $6.95ea

6-10 = $5.95ea

11-24 = $4.95ea


Type Window Decals
Tags Window Decals

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